What are the restrictions concerning fences (design, height, material, staining)?

Following are the restrictions copied directly from the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions document which every property owner at Katy Lake received at the time they closed on their home or lot.

Article V - Architectural Restrictions

Section 9. Wall, Fences and Hedges.

No hedge in excess of three feet (3') in height shall be erected or maintained nearer to the front Lot line than the building setback line.
All fences must be constructed of red cedar wood with metal posts. Any variation must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
No chain link fence shall be placed on any Lot except as an interior fence for the purpose of enclosing a swimming pool, pet run or utility yard and then only if the chain link fence is not visible from any street and does not exceed a height of four (4) feet and has prior approval of the ACC. No request for the inclusion of a chain link fence will be considered by the ACC unless the chain link fence and its related components are coated in decorative black vinyl.
No fence shall exceed six (6') feet in height, and all fences along a side and rear Lot line shall be not less than six (6) feet in height.
No fence or wall shall be erected on any Lot nearer to any street than the building setback line as shown on the Plat unless specifically approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee.
The prior written approval of the Architectural Control Committee is required before any fence is constructed or replaced.
It is the intent of Declarant and the Architectural Control Committee to maintain visual continuity of fence lines along entryways and main thoroughfares and adjacent to any Common Areas and fences constructed in these areas, and as such, will be subject to special conditions.
All fences constructed shall be uniform in design, height, materials and finish and each Owner of a Lot on which any such fence is located shall be required to maintain the visual continuity and repair or replace the fence as necessary, at such Owner's expense.
The use of masonry, stone, brick, and decorative iron work may be utilized with prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee.
All wood sections of any fence approved must be of similar design, shall be erected on steel poles and supports, be constructed of lumber species and stained a color selected by the Architectural Control Committee.
The maintenance and repair of fences constructed on the property line separating two (2) adjacent Lots shall be the joint responsibility of the two (2) Lot Owners.
Any fence facing a street or public right of way shall be installed with the finished side of the fence facing the street or public right of way.
The maintenance and repair of a fence on a Lot line (that is not on a common property line) shall be the responsibility of the Owner of the Lot.
No solid fence of any type will be approved on Lots 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 of Block 6.

What are the restrictions concerning garages?

From the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions:

Article V - Architectural Restrictions, Section 15. Garages. With the prior written consent of the Architectural Control Committee, a porte-cochere attached to the Residential Dwelling may be constructed on a Lot; however, a porte-cochere does not eliminate the requirement of an enclosed garage on the Lot.

Each garage on a Lot must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee and be: (i) fully operational as a garage at all times, and (ii) capable of housing at least two (2) full size automobiles. The door of a garage must be kept closed at all times when the garage is not being used.