Candidates for Board Election 2014

Nominees for the four open board seats are:

Greg Gorman - Greg has served on the board since the HOA transitioned to homeowner control in April of 2012. He's been elected President by the board three times, and currently serves in that office. Greg and his wife, Valerie, have two children and have lived at Katy Lake since 2008. Greg is a communications and marketing consultant and is responsible for communications to HOA membership.

Tom Hoffmann - Tom has served on the board since early 2013, and has served on the Architectural Control Committee since March, 2014. Tom, a career civil servant with the U.S. government, served as the Deputy Director and the Director, Help on the Home Front for the Patriot Guard Riders from 2007 to 2009. He served as the Secretary, National Board of Directors for the Patriot Guard Riders.  (A 501c3 organization with approximately 300,000 members). Tom and his wife, Dana, have lived at Katy Lake for several years and Tom spearheaded the effort to bring AT&T Uverse Internet to Katy Lake.

Brad Justiss - Brad and his wife Michelle are building a home at Katy Lake (on Mulligan Court). Brad is a native of Lancaster where he is a life-long farmer. He has served on the board of directors of the Dallas County Farm Bureau for more than 25, during that time he's been elected president several times. 

Luke Lorick - Luke and his wife Meredith recently moved to Katy Lake from outside of Texas. Luke served on the board of his HOA before moving to Texas. Brad is a Claim Team Manager with State Farm in Richardson and Meredith recently joined the faculty at Baylor University in Waco.

Craig Rudolph - Craig and his wife Janet have lived at Katy Lake since 2008. Craig has served on the HOA board since April, 2012 and currently serves as Treasurer. He also serves on the Architectural Control Committee. Craig grew up in Waxahachie and owns two small businesses in Ellis County.

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